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The Bob Silber Interview

Internet Attorney Bob Silber discusses the legal aspects of how you can use the public domain in your business.


In this private call with Russell Brunson and his "Public Domain How To" coaching clients, lawyer Bob Silber answers the following questions about the public domain:





How to protect yourself if you are not U.S. based, and are selling U.S. public domain material to customers in countries other than the United States. This is an important consideration for non-U.S. companies and individuals, because content that is public domain in the USA may still be under current copyright in other English speaking countries;



Where to go to apply for a U.S. copyright on your derivative work, and the difference between a "registered copyright" and an "implied copyright";



If you register a copyright on your work in the U.S., does this provide copyright protection internationally?



Do U.S. publishers register copyrights in other countries, and did they do so 70 years ago on works which are now public domain in the USA?



When I re-publish or resell a public domain work, are there any restrictions on being able to:
    a) re-title the work?
    b) remove all references to the original author?
    c) remove the original copyright and publisher information?



What degree of changes do you need to do to a public domain work before you are able to re-register a copyright on it as your own derivative work;



Where to go to apply for an ISBN number for your own book or work;



Do you still need to conduct a copyright search and perform due diligence on pre-1923 works to ensure that they are definitely in the public domain?



Do the same copyright laws that apply to books also apply in the same way to other creative works such as photographs, illustrations, sheet music, or university course material?



If you are creating multiple individual works, such as the publisher of a newsletter, or a photographer or graphic designer does, how can you protect your work legally without the costly and onerous task of registering individual copyrights over each one of your creations.


Bob Silber answers all of the above questions and more in this Q&A session with Russell Brunson's "Public Domain How To" private coaching clients.


About Bob Silber:


As legal counsel to many of the most successful marketers on the Internet, Bob Silber derives a rare advantage. By being aware of the most effective strategies used by some of the highest earning marketing minds, Bob is able to distinguish between what works and what doesn't.

His Internet marketing clients read like a who's who of the industry, and include individuals earning millions of dollars annually. Bob's client base includes:



tick  Allen Says

tick  Jim Edwards

tick  Russell Brunson



tick  Armand Morin

tick  Jimmy D. Brown

tick  Shawn Casey



tick  Brad Callen

tick  Joe Vitale

tick  Stephen Pierce



tick  Frank Kern

tick  John Reese

tick  Ted Ciuba



tick  Jason Potash

tick  Keith Wellman

tick  Tom Hua



tick  Jeff Johnson

tick  Mark Joyner

tick  Tony Blake



tick  Jeff Walker

tick  Michael Filsaime

tick  Willie Crawford



tick  Jim Cockrum

tick  Michael Fortin

tick  Yanik Silver


However, besides the above highly recognizable names, some of Bob's most high net worth clients are names you would not be familiar with at all. Those latter clients are what he calls his "Shadow Marketers

These "Shadow Marketers™" don't want their names made public, and you won't ever ever hear of them. But when it comes to creating phenomenal income from the Internet, this select group leaves some of the most identifiable Internet marketing stars in the dust.


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