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These are persuasion secrets only a handful of marketers know. Read on to discover why what you learned about making sales through copywriting is vastly different in 2009 than it was just a couple years ago
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From Russell Brunson
Monday, 7:28pm

Dear Lucky Marketer,

Here's the scoop: I'm going to tell you how you can use the power of the written word to boost your opt-ins, sell more products, and boost your bottom line. And you don't even have to take a single English class to do it!

You see, these are secrets only a HANDFUL of marketers know. Why? Because they spend thousands upon THOUSANDS of dollars on testing and HOURS analyzing testing results. They are always on top of the game and know how to annihilate their competition!

Most of the time, they keep their secrets under their vest. I mean, if you had a conversion secret that accounted for at least 79% of your bottom line, wouldn't YOU keep things under wraps?

So if you're struggling to make sales online, then don't worry:

It's Not Your Fault!

You just haven't discovered what it takes to make a sale in today's online world. What worked in 2006 doesn't work right now. That old dusty course sitting on your bookshelf is hopelessly outdated and should be used as a paperweight!

But guess what? There are SOME people who don't mind sharing their secrets with the masses. Secrets on how to boost conversions and skyrocket your lifetime customer value. One of those guys is expert copywriter Ray Edwards.

You see, Ray has been writing copy for years. He's written copy for the biggest names in the business: including Armand Morin, Mark Victor Hansen, Alex Mandossian, Matt Bacak, Joel Comm, Stu McClaren, and Jeff Walker.

What does this mean to you? Since Ray's worked with all these top guns, he KNOWS what works and what doesn't online. Otherwise he'll be stuck working at McDonalds asking "Would you like Fries with that?"

So Ray decided to sit down with expert internet marketer Russell Brunson to spill all his secrets. Russell gladly recorded the call and decided to make it available to everyone!

You'll get a truckload of conversion secrets people usually pay THOUSANDS of dollars to discover, when you invest in:

Copywriting Conversion Secrets will hold you by the hand and let you in on what works to get high conversions online. I'm not exaggerating or layering a bunch of hype when I tell you this is CRITICAL information if you're just getting started as an internet marketing newbie.

You see, there are two types of marketers: 1) the internet marketing newbie who can barely make a sale and earns enough to pay the monthly water bill, and 2) the internet marketing stalwart that can convert visitors into buyers over and over again to earn enough money to retire!

Wouldn't you want to be in the latter group? Of course you do! That's why when you discover the copywriting secrets revealed on Copywriting Conversion Secrets, your income will explode when you take action!

Here Are Just SOME
Of The Secrets You'll Discover
On This Exclusive Audio!

  • The biggest mistake people make when it comes to marketing a product online (This is where MOST marketers fail miserably, and go back to working 9-5!).
  • Ray's "desert island" book for writing killer copy (people used to steal it from libraries and sell it for $1000 on eBay!).
  • The one big emotional trigger to sell to so that you'll be able to boost your conversion rates (most people are clueless about this basic human emotion!).
  • Ray's secret formula for creating videos that sell (most marketers don't know this and create long, boring letters that do nothing but waste people's time!).
  • The REAL scoop as to what type of copy you should be writing to get more conversions (this wasn't true in 2006!).
  • How to diffuse people's objections to buying your product (this is the key to boosting your conversions - most customers DO have objections!).
  • The secret four-letter formula for boosting sales (this has been used over and over again since the Caveman days!).
  • Want to catapult your opt-in rates? Use this secret formula to create videos that make it easy for your target audience to give them your name and email address!
  • ...and a WHOLE Lot More!!

So, How Much Does It Cost
To Discover How TO Make Sales
Online A Heckuvalot Easier?

Listen: if you wanted to discover Ray Edwards' copywriting and conversion secrets, you'd have to pay him a handsome five figures for him to give you the scoop. You'd have to take out an extra mortgage on your house to discover these secrets.

Either that, or you'd have to spend thousands of dollars and waste hours... days... YEARS on endless trial and error before discovering these secrets!

With that in mind, I was going to sell this audio for $147. I figured it would only take 2-3 sales of your product/service to make up the cost of the audio.

However, since you're an action-taker, I'm going to let you have this audio for a measly $17. That's a drop in the bucket when you consider you probably spend that money on Starbucks coffee, DVD rentals, sports magazines, things that are gone in an instant!

What about taking that extra money and investing it into your business by buying Copywriting Conversion Secrets? I mean, the price is irrelevant considering you can make up the price of this audio with the extra sales you'll be raking in as a result!

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So Now You
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Thanks for your time!

Russell Brunson


P.S. Copywriting Conversion Secrets will let you tap into master copywriter Ray Edwards' brain and unload his massive knowledge on how to boost the conversions on your websites. The advice he shared is truly "in the trenches" stuff that most internet marketing newbies don't get! So take action today and start filling your bank account with cash!