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The article on this page is a preview of some of the content

taught in Module 1 of the Public Domain How To course.

Module 1: The Secrets Of The Public Domain.




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The Public Domain How To course was created from a 2½ month mentoring program which Russell Brunson conducted with a private group of about 20 coaching clients.


The coaching was broken into six distinct modules, plus one Q&A session with public domain lawyer Bob Silber, who covered the legal aspects of republishing copyright free public domain content for both U.S. and non-U.S. based individuals and businesses.

Public Domain How To teaches a system that Russell has refined and perfected over the years, and which has proven to work for him.



The Importance Of A System

You may have heard of a best selling business book which has been around for a couple of decades called The E-Myth, by Michael Gerber. In essence, the book talks about the importance of systemization. Where systems are concerned, an often cited example is that of McDonald's. Whilst it's commonly agreed that they don't make the best hamburgers in town, there are still waiting lists of entrepreneurs willing to pay a quarter or a half million dollars or more, for a McDonald's franchise.

The reason is because they are buying a proven money making system. Each store has standardized equipment, and each employee in a McDonald's store has a specific job, certain tasks and they follow these through systems, and a franchisee is able to easily teach these to new staff. Customers know what to expect. Wherever you are in the world, a Big Mac tastes pretty much the same. It is the systemization of their business that has made McDonald's so successful and ubiquitous.



Russell's 4 Step System


Public Domain How To is Russell Brunson's online marketing system that he has refined and perfected over a number of years. It has worked very well indeed for him, so it is proven, and you can learn it, make it your own, and apply many of its concepts to any product, any service, or any market you might want to go into and make money with.

Of course for the purpose of this training, Russell has specifically adapted his system to the creation of a highly profitable business focused on the republishing of public domain content. As with McDonald's, if you apply this system, you know what to expect: you will generate public domain profits.

Step 1: The Product

The beauty of using public domain content for your product creation is that half the work (or more) is already done for you. Once you have identified a profitable niche, it's simply a matter of finding a public domain work written by an expert in that niche. You don't need to be the expert in your chosen subject matter, and this can take a huge degree of pressure off you as well, as you can list the original author as "the expert".

The New Think And Grow RichHowever, Russell stresses the importance of then making the original work your own. Whilst you can simply republish a public domain book in either ebook or physical format, there is nothing to prevent someone else doing the same thing.

Take, for example, Ted Ciuba's best selling re-publication of Napoleon Hill's classic "Think And Grow Rich". He has updated and revised Napoleon Hill's original which has allowed him to copyright protect his new edition as his own derivative work. No one can legally copy the edits he has made.

So differentiate your product and make it unique. Add your own touch, knowledge, or adaptation to an original work. This could involve changing the format, such as turning a 1962 public domain book into an audio or PowerPoint video course, or into course workbooks, or another format again. If retaining a book or ebook format, then it's important to add to the original work by updating and/or expanding it, or by interviewing a current day expert in the field and adding the updated content.

These are just a few examples of the possibilities available, and Russell covers these and more in detail in Module 2 of the Public Domain How To course, Creating Derivative works.

Step 2: The Offer and your Sales Letter

This is more than what you are selling, but rather what benefits your purchasers will derive from purchasing your product. Russell covers a simple formula which anyone can replicate to create a winning sales-letter. He covers this system in module 2, and to some degree also module 4 of his public domain coaching course.

The aim is to get your sales letter to at least a 1% conversion rate, because you can then predictably build on this metric and you know that you'll make approximately one sale for every 100 people you send to your website that are targeted to your market.





Step 3: Generating Traffic to your Website

After you have the product and a good offer, all you have to do is get people to your website and the sales letter will do the rest. The key concept to driving traffic is finding where your target market hang out, so we can tap in and target those communities, as the responsive traffic is already there.

Because of it's importance, Russell teaches his methods across two entire modules in the Public Domain How To course: Traffic Generation 101 (module 3) and 102 (module 4). Seven distinct methods are covered which focus on how to find targeted people and how to get them to your site.

I preview each of these methods in parts 4, 5 & 6 of the free ten part Public Domain Mastery e-Course.

Step 4: The Follow Up

This entails a few things depending on where your customer is in the sales process. If they just visited your site, then it will include following up through an auto-responder email sequence so you can get them familiar with the benefits which your product has to offer until they are ready to buy. People rarely buy on the first visit to a website, and the often stated metric is that people need seven exposures to your website before they are comfortable enough to purchase. You can change your conversion from 1% to 3% with the same traffic providing you are following up correctly.

The second is after someone has purchased, how you can lead those people to actually use your product, which might lead them to later purchase more products, and higher ticket products in the backend, that will be of additional benefit to them. They are already buyers, so you can often sell them something else: upgraded versions of your product, or somebody else's product in the same niche from which you can make affiliate commissions.


Russell covers this step of the system in module 5 of Public Domain How To, entitled: Converting Traffic To Customers.




As stated at the top of this page, this is the first article previewing the content covered in Module 1 of the Public Domain How To course: The Secrets Of The Public Domain. The second preview article can be found here: Rules and Definitions for Public Domain material.


There are a further five modules covering the remainder of Russell Brunson's Public Domain How To system, more than 11 hours of audio content in all, accompanied by transcripts and a workbook. For a preview of the content contained within all six modules of Public Domain How To, subscribe to my e-course below.




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