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Ameer Salim's Webmaster Tutorials - Value $119


This seven volume set of video tutorials comes from Ameer Salim, the Singaporean marketer well known for his Hot Marketing Videos membership site founded in 2005.

If you are new to the Internet and wondering where to start with setting up a website and what you need to know to get that off the ground, this seven volume set of webmaster tutorials will take you by the hand and show you in real time what you need to do at each step of the way.

There are a total of 111 video tutorials across these seven volumes, with over 12 hours of video coaching covering the essentials of what you need to know to setup shop online.



Volume 1:
Internet Marketing Basics v2 - Value $17


Full Details Here. This first volume contains 31 videos with over four hours of tutorials on the essential steps to get going online. Topics such as:



Registering domain names and changing DNS;


A guide to webhosting;


Uploading files using FTP;


How to create a "direct-response" website;


How to create pdf ebooks; and much more..

Internet Marketing Video Tutorials




  cPanel Tutorials

Volume 2:
cPanel Basics Video Tutorials - Value $17


Full Details Here. There are two types of webhosting: Windows Server and Linux, with Linux being the most common (and easiest to work with!). And the most common control panel on Linux hosting accounts is called cPanel.

This volume comprises 24 video tutorials covering many of the essential tasks which you might need to perform on your cPanel hosting account.





Volume 3:
Mini-Sites Made Easy With FrontPage - Value $17


Full Details Here. A mini-site is a basic website with a sales-page for the homepage where you might sell an ebook or something similar. The website you are on right now is an example of a mini-site.

FrontPage is an application which comes included with most versions of MicroSoft Office (along with Word, Excel, Access, & PowerPoint).

FrontPage Tutorials


FrontPage is used for creating webpages, and this set of eleven video tutorials, spanning over an hour and a half of coaching, will show you how to create mini-sites with FrontPage.




  DreamWeaver Tutorials

Volume 4:
Mini-Sites Made Easy With DreamWeaver - Value $17


Full Details Here. DreamWeaver is an alternative application to FrontPage. It has a slightly steeper learning curve, but also includes more features and functionality.

This volume comprises nineteen video tutorials, spanning nearly two hours of coaching, showing you step-by-step how to create mini-sites with DreamWeaver.





Volume 5:
Blogging Made Easy With WordPress - Value $17


Full Details Here. WordPress is the most commonly used CMS (content management system) for creating blogs.

Traditionally, web marketers used to mostly create html, css or php based websites. Since 2008, many are now using WordPress as their platform of choice due to their relative ease to set up, and wide variety of free templates and plugins available. Whilst they are still technically blogs, they can now be structured and configured to behave much like a website.

WordPress Tutorials


This volume comprises 10 video tutorials covering how to setup and configure a WordPress blog on a Linux hosting account.




  Script Installation Tutorials

Volume 6:
Install Scripts Videos v2 - Value $17


Full Details Here. At some point you might wish to install an ad tracking, product delivery or affiliate management CGI or PHP script on your Linux hosting account.

This set of video tutorials spans 1hr 48mins and will teach you some common tasks surrounding script installations such as:


Creating a MySQL database from cPanel;


Populating a MySQL database using 'myPHPadmin';


Changing file permissions using an FTP client;


Setting up cron jobs from cPanel; and much more..





Volume 7:
eBook Mastery Videos - Value $17


Full Details Here. Creation of pdf format ebooks is covered in Volume 1 - Internet Marketing Basics v2 videos. This set of video tutorials covers how to create .exe format eBooks which allow you to incorporate additional security and functionality such as:


Preventing the text within them from being copied;


Disabling access to your ebook to customers who request a refund;


How to make your ebooks brandable: this is a highly effective strategy used in affiliate marketing as it provides an incentive to other people to distribute your ebooks, both for their benefit and yours!

eBook Mastery Tutorials



* All 7 volumes come with Master Resale Rights and Sales Materials



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